Back in 1971, this was the day that the Beatles' all-time record for selling out Shea Stadium got broken by Grand Funk Railroad.  In fact, Shea Stadium suffered structural damage from their concert.  It was so crazy they almost stopped the show!   I've never been ashamed to admit that I have always been a HUGE fan of Grand Funk, they're from Flint, Michigan!  And they used to play shows at the outdoor roller rink at the State Park in my home town of Bay City!  Now, I have lived in Flint (working at a very cool rock station I might add) ... so I know .. that anybody that can leave Flint standing-up and not in handcuffs is a success story!  Oh, and I bet if you asked the Grand Funk guys, they'd say they don't like Jim Duhart either.  I don't remember WHO said it (it was on the back of one of their albums) but it was said .."The years 1969 to 1971 belonged to Mark, Don, and Mel.." and I couldn't agree more.