Looking for new gift ideas for the classic-rock lover on your shopping list? We've got 25 distinctive choices for you, which, depending on your tastes, could be categorized as anything from cool to weird to flat-out strange.

For example, if you'd like the rock star in your life to sport the same watch currently worn by Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose -- and you've got $120,000 to spend -- we can point you in the right direction. But we can also help the more budget-conscious, with items such as the $3.99 gag gift of air-guitar strings from Kiss or a $5 "Heat of the Moment" oven mitt from Asia.

You can scroll through pictures and learn all about the items below, and click on the links below for even more information or to purchase them for your loved ones.

Aerosmith - 'Draw the Line' Bling Pillow
Asia - 'Heat of the Moment' Oven Mitt
Axl Rose - HYT Skull Maori Watch
The Beatles - 'White Album' Puzzle
The Beatles - 'Yellow Submarine' Jukebox
Bret Michaels - 'Beautiful Soul' Fragrance
David Bowie - Is... Personal Portfolio: Black Edition Book
Iron Maiden - Ed Force One Model Airplane
Janis Joplin - Kimono

Jimmy Page - Fine Art Photographic Prints
Kiss - Air Guitar Strings
Kiss - Pinball Machines
Megadeth - Boot Camp
Moody Blues - Champagne Flute Set

Motley Crue - Final Tour Marshall Fridge
Motorhead - The Official Pleasure Collection
Motorhead - Lemmy Memorial Rocks Glass Set
Pink Floyd - 'The Dark Side of the Moon' Pen Set
Queen - Brian May Special Guitar
Rush - Lerxst Omega Electric Guitar Amplifier
Ted Nugent - Sunrize Safari Hunts
Ted Nugent - Autographed Goldtip Arrows
Tom Hamilton - Obscenies
Van Halen - Striped High Top Sneakers
The Who - Sleeping Bag
ZZ Top - Dickies Jacket

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