There's a guy in Hangzhou City, China whose last name is Chen. And he recently had a serious issue: He was peeing blood.

But Chen was too embarrassed to go to the doctor, so he decided to fix the problem at home. He assumed his urethra was broken, so he grabbed one of his stainless steel chopsticks and jammed it up there.

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I have no idea why he assumed that would help the situation instead of making it way, way worse. Because it did, in fact, make everything way, way worse.

The chopstick got stuck up there and it was pressing against his rectal wall. Chen finally went to the hospital with a much more embarrassing medical issue than his initial one.

The doctors told him that it could've been fatal if he'd pushed the chopstick any further, and they were able to successfully remove it. Their report didn't say if he's going to have any permanent damage or if they figured out why he was peeing blood in the first place.

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