(Goose, TownSquare Media)


I understand, (and am completely comfortable with the fact that) I don’t buy things as often as I should.  Things wear out and I don’t want to replace them!  Am I saving money or being lazy? 

But looking back I remember giggling at my frugal and sweet Aunt Betty.  She would wash out her ziplocks, she'd reuse bread bags, heck, she would even dry out her paper towels in order to reuse them.  Well, clearly, I too have made this transition into the “older generation.”
I’ve been known to wear clothes with holes in them, but this is probably the worst in my collection of things I REALLY need to replace.
This belt is literally “hanging on by a thread” but continues to work.  So why throw it out?  Do you have anything that is "slightly" past its expected life of usefulness?  Take a picture and send it my way!