Frankly, I'd like to say ALL IPAs matter, and I don't see color.  And to make it more confusing, this White IPA is a golden color.

It's translucent, meaning I can see light through the beer but san't see my fingers holding the other side of the mug.  A nice touch for full flavor.

Just the facts:

Bottle temp at opening: 38 degrees.

Drinking temp: 39 degrees

Nose: Pardon me, but I think there's radish here.  Licorice? Something.

Taste: It's some kind of light spiced flavor, like when bread is baking.

Rating: 5 bottles out of 6

This one might have an unfair advantage, but I came to this after mowing the lawn.  Knowing that, I can now specifically endorse this beer for perfect "after yard work" beer.  Since I can't see through it I would expect it to be heavier, but it's crisp, not fruity.  There is a lingering spice of some kind, and after I hit up their website I'm sure I'll be mad for not knowing it sooner, but it's just different enough to stand out from all the hop-heavy all-stars.  This one feels like a reward after a hard day--without the hard day.