37 years ago today in 1980, Caddyshack was released, starring an all-star cast which included: Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, and an infamously unwrapped Baby Ruth.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Here's some fun trivia to celebrate the classic that is Caddyshack:

  • The "Cinderella story" was completely improvised by Bill Murray.
  • Carl Spackler was supposed to be a silent character until Murray was cast.
  • Another improvised scene was the oil massage between Cindy Morgan and Chevy Chase. "You're crazy!" was her genuine reaction.
  • All of Bill Murray's scenes were filmed in six days.
  • A big hill was built to protect the course from climatic 18th hole scene. But too many explosives were used and the hill was completely destroyed.
  • Harold Ramis avoided partying with the cast and crew until after filming wrapped up. After the wrap party he had to be carried back to his hotel room.
  • Ted Knight was fed up with the constant shenanigans of Ramis, Murray, Chase, and Dangerfield.
  • The crew partied so much that by the end of filming they would be hours late.
  • Producer Jon Peters convinced Cindy Morgan to appear topless in the film by telling her she would never work in Hollywood again if she didn't.
  • Harold Ramis wanted Pink Floyd to write music for the movie, but couldn't get them and auditioned Kenny Loggins instead.
  • This was Ted Knight's final film.
  • Cindy Morgan couldn't wear contacts for the pool scene and was legally blind without them, she had to be assisted onto the diving board.
  • Mr. Gopher's noises are actually dolphin sound effects, the same used for Flipper.
  • The Baby Ruth scene was based on a real-life incident at Brian Doyle-Murray's high school.
  • The original length was about four and a half hours long.
  • Rodney Dangerfield hired Don Cherry to teach him how to golf for the film.
  • Most of the cast and crew lived in a motel near the filming location.

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