Brandon Wilson of Cedar Rapids has been arrested for the second time this year and for the second time has been accused of hiding drugs in nature's suitcase.

The most recent incident involving Brandon's smuggling occurred on November 29th when Wilson was arrested on an active arrest warrant. Officers at the Linn County Jail discovered that Wilson had 51 baggies of crack cocaine and marijuana shoved up his rectum. He was charged with possession with intent to deliver crack cocaine and Iowa drug tax stamp violation.

Previously Wilson was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, possessing contraband and possession of a controlled substance in February. Authorities at the time found Wilson trying to smuggle 109 baggies of crack cocaine into the Linn County Jail.

Linn County Jail / KCRG

The article from KCRG is worth reading just for the opening line: "Brandon Wilson just can’t stop hiding drugs in his rectum."