I'm pretty sure if a giant bear is ever about to attack me, my reaction isn't going to be, "Come at me bro." But that's exactly what this guy did.


61-year-old Rick Nelson from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada was walking his dog on Sunday afternoon, when a bear cub poked its head out of a bush. It was scared of Rick, so it started crying for help and that brought his mother over.

Black bears don't usually attack people, unless their babies are in danger. This black bear thought that's what was happening, so she charged. Even though she was over 300 pounds and very angry, Rick made a split-second decision that he had to stand his ground and fight her.

He says he knew most bears are right handed, so before she swung at him, he knew where he'd have an opening and he punched her in the face. She still got in one decent shot on him, but his punch was enough to stun her.

Her cub started wandering away, and fortunately she decided to go after the baby instead of sticking around to fight. Rick only wound up with some cuts on his face and his shoulder.

Rick Nelson
Rick Nelson

Here's an interview with Rick:

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