Remember back in 1988 when the Travelling Wilburys hit the road for a tour?  I'd love to hear how much YOU liked the concert ... I unfortunately, was too stubborn to attend.  The idea of Tom Petty, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, and Jeff Lynne forming a band was awesome ... touring too?  Bonus !!   But when I listened to the album it sounded too much like ELO to me, and I was soooo SICK of ELO back then, that I just tossed the Wilburys aside and never "engaged" ... Now, I regret that.  Of course the Wilburys led to the spawing of the "Notting Hillbillies" which I LOVED ... and then the "Wandering Dingleburys" which was clever as hell .. and I'm sure there were several more ..  but I just wish I could go back and see the Wilburys like I should've done the first time.