I saw today that the annual "Most Played" list will be coming out soon from TouchTunes, the largest in-venue, interactive entertainment network in North America, with almost 60,000 jukeboxes in bars, restaurants, etc.  I don't know what last year's list looked like, but 2 years ago the top 5 most-played artists were AC/DC, Kid Rock, Skynyrd, Nickleback, and The Rolling Stones.

Really...?  It seems like everywhere I go, I don't hear anything from those 5  (Kid Rock could be the exception) and anytime I go up to the jukebox and play something from the Stones or Skynyrd, I hear groaning, followed by somebody going up and playing yet ANOTHER hip-hop song, or occasionally a country song!  So where are these places where The Stones, AC/DC, or Skynyrd dominate the jukebox? Let me know, 'cause I'm on my way and I got the first round!