44-year-old Shlomo Rechnitz owns a company called Brius Healthcare Services in L.A. It's the largest nursing home provider in California. So he's pretty well off, and does a lot of charity work on the side.

A video of him at an airport in Ireland that popped up online shows him deciding to buy dinner for 400 American troops. He was waiting for a flight when he saw them in the food court about to eat their brown bag lunches. He thought it wasn't right when all the people around them were eating real dinners.

He went up to their commanding officer, and asked if he could buy them all a hot meal. Then he told them they could each spend up to $50 to get whatever they wanted from any restaurant in the airport. Assuming they all took him up on it, that's $20,000. He talked to them afterward, and said it was a small price to pay for everything they do for us.

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