There's a 45-year-old guy in England named Julian Grew, who used to live in a Buddhist monastery. He's been living in a tent by himself for the past 20 years, completely removed from society. Apparently it's starting to get to him.

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One of the codes he lives by is to never harm another living creature. But he accidentally stepped on a bug back in September, and got so upset, he started walking around a town in Northern England slashing people's tires. Over the course of two nights, he slashed 190 tires on 162 parked cars, and caused about $28,000 in damage.

When the cops asked him why he did it, he said he just needed a way to take his frustration out on society without physically hurting anyone. They charged him with criminal damage. According to his lawyer, Julian agreed he should go to jail. He pleaded guilty, and a judge just sentenced him to 11 weeks in jail.

Here's his mugshot. Doesn't fit your image of a Buddhist monk, right? More like a dude who lives in a tent.

Humberside Police

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