One way to make sure your kids don't get addicted to junk food, give them some light, cookie-related PTSD.

Four-year-old Leo Shorthouse was staying at a hotel in Melbourne, Australia with his family on Sunday. They're from a remote area in the northern part of the country, and his dad says Leo had never seen a vending machine before.

As soon as he saw one in the lobby with all the junk food inside, he shoved his arm in the slot up to his shoulder and got stuck. His dad thinks he might have been going for a pack of Oreos.


The fire department had to come, and tried cutting the machine open. They had to stop when Leo started freaking out. They also brought in a vending machine technician, and at least one locksmith, but they couldn't figure it out either.

Eventually they had to give Leo a sedative, and played cartoons for him on a cell phone while they took the machine apart piece by piece. After six hours they finally got him out. Paramedics took him to the hospital just to be safe, but his dad says he's doing fine now.

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