Anthony Nemeth tried to rob a Walgreens in Florida on Valentine's Day. Too bad for him, a state boxing champion was visiting his girlfriend who worked there.

25-year-old David West of Bradenton, Florida was visiting his girlfriend at the pharmacy at Walgreens on Valentine's Day. He asked if she wanted to grab lunch, she said she wanted Subway. You know, something romantic. Fortunately David got a chance to do something a lot more romantic just a few seconds later.

As they were talking, 26-year-old Nemeth jumped onto the counter and demanded all of the oxycodone. He said he had a gun, and when he reached into his pants, David jumped into action. As it turns out David is a boxer who's won two state titles. He immediately knocked Anthony out, then held him down until the cops got there.

David told ABC News, "I was protecting the one I love. I have to say, she's really the reason why I reacted so quickly. It was just instinct to protect her."

Manatee County Sheriff's Office
Manatee County Sheriff's Office

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