You get experimental when you drink with a group.  My buddy Jorge invented the most the most memorable concoction we dubbed The Jorge Slammer: equal parts Mt. Dew, Orange Juice, Beer & Southern Comfort.

Don't smell it!  Whatever you do!  However it does taste better than it smells.  Again, not a high bar to begin with.

I remember a party we had where we lighting Fritos on fire and popping them in our mouths still lit.  It gave it a "fresh roasted" taste.  I also remember Beer Floats, where we dumped beer over a couple scoops of ice cream.

This is kind of like that...

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream. This gourmet treat is made with whole cream and premium Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. I don't know what that is, but it sounds delicious!

Maybe whoever came up with this should go drinking with me some time.