Here's an interesting anecdote if you haven't heard it before: Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi says they had cocaine flown to them on private planes when they were recording their fourth album "Volume Four" in 1972.


Bassist Geezer Butler adds that their budget for coke was around $75,000 or $15,000 more than the 60 Grand they spent actually recording the album. Geezer says most of the band cooled it on drugs after that, because, "you can't write or play songs if you're out of your brains." Except for Ozzy Osbourne, of course.

Here's an excerpt from Ozzy's autobiography, I Am Ozzy:

“Eventually we started to wonder where the f*ck all the coke was coming from... I’m telling you: that coke was the whitest, purest, strongest stuff you could ever imagine. One sniff, and you were king of the universe.”

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