Today .. 2 famous, hall of fame quality musicians share a birthday ... Brad M. Carlson (aka Bun E. Carlos)  of Cheap Trick and Brad Delp of Boston.  Two sad stories as well.  Carlos, a founding member of Cheap trick, was dismissed by the other 3 band mates, and even though he had health issues, he insisted he was ok to tour.  They didn't agree ... He sued, they sued, and it never went anywhere... still, kind of a Cheap, Dirty Trick ..    Brad Delp committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.  On the note clipped to his shirt, in French, he said "I'm a lonely soul" ..He left behind a fiancée, some children, and an ex-wife, all who get personalized suicide notes.  No other word besides "tragedy" comes to mind.  So happy birthday to 2 wonderful musicians with  2 sad stories... Cheap trick and Boston fans, today I salute you!