So this was the official date of the formation of Jefferson Airplane in 1965 by Paul Kantner and Marty Balin.  About a month later their live debut was at the Matrix Club in San Francisco, thanks to Marty Balin buying an old pizza parlor and turning it in to a club for live music.  (I think I'll book MY band!)  The band turned some heads for the first year or so, but really took off commercially when Grace Slick joined them in 1966...and they were pretty much the first San Francisco band to become hugely successful.  Grace was amazing and ahead of her time, but of course, drama followed her.  She had an affair with Paul Kantner, she had an affair with Jim Morrison, she was responsible for Bill Graham being fired as the band's manager, she nearly died in an auto accident, it goes on and on .... but y'know what ... you can't deny how much more interesting they made rock and roll in their day!  So Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship/KBD fans ...  here's your salute today!