The Texas Department of Public Safety is currently investigating if a driver intentionally swerved into a passing biker.

Eric Sanders and his girlfriend, Debra Simpson, are shown in this video passing a driver on double-yellow lines when the driver sideswipes the bike. Sanders' friend then confronts the driver who is adamant that he did nothing wrong, "I don't care."

Sanders is recovering. But his girlfriend, 38-year-old Debra Simpson, remains in the ICU at Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth.

"They're worried about infection," Sanders said, crying. "If her arm gets infected they're going to have to amputate it."

Sanders believes his girlfriend will be in the hospital for two weeks. He hopes the DPS investigation into this incident is a bit more swift. He says he has no question in his mind it was intentional.

"I've seen people pull in front of me all the time, people cut me off all the time," he said. "Never in my life has anyone tried to hit me."

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