Sebastian Bach, Kip Winger and Bruce Springsteen all have new music available this week.  It's seems like this should be 1994, not 2014, but the music these guys have put together for their albums will not disappoint.  Winger's album is pretty solid, with riffs from the band and songs that recall the best of their popular era, updated and fresh sounding.  Bach, honestly could have no music at all on his new release and it would still be worth downloading.  His voice is still shrill and chills-inducing.  Help from Duff on bass doesn't hurt.  Great for open windowed rocking on your commute.

Springsteen?  Well, the best part of his new record (American Beauty) to me is the cover art.  I wish the promise of the photo was realized with the music inside.  But take a second listen, it's still Springsteen.  That cover, though.  Looks just like a summer night from a not-so-distant past.