On the list of crimes that take place in our hometowns, an after-hours burglary of a V.F.W. Hall can't compete with the attention-getters and headlines-makers of murder and armed robbery.  But hearing of the theft and vandalism this past week at the Bettendorf V.F.W. Post 9128 Hall really got to me.

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The V.F.W. organization nationwide provides fellowship for Vets of all generations service, and advocates for their rights and the rights of their families, making sure their service doesn't go unrecognized.  It's the oldest organization of it's kind, dating back to the late 1800's.  It's Bettendorf Chapter counts a few hundred Veterans as members, an the Hall on State Street gives them a place to hang out, and their on bar where everybody knows their name.  The Hall hosts fundraisers and can be rented out, in addition to providing a full bar open to the public.

So with all this good fellowship and hand-lending to Vets, it surprises me that someone would choose this place to steal from.  Not that vandals have a code of ethics, but geez, the VFW?  Earlier in the week, after closing, a person or persons broke in, and stole some equipment, and trashed the pool table and video poker machines, most likely in an attempt to get at the cash that is collected in them.  The theft and vandalism wasn't discovered until the next morning, then the Police were called.

In my head I imagine that whomever needed the money badly enough to steal it could probably have asked any of the Vets in the V.F.W. Hall and been given a little help without needing to break in to a business.  But in reality it was just a jerk or two who don't care about anyone but themselves, which is ironic, since they robbed the place for those who are the exact opposite.

If you have any info, you can always call the Bettendorf Police (563) 344-4024.