“Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge” is being sold as the ultimate competition show and Jessie Haug will be competing as a representative from the Quad Cities.

Let Stone Cold himself give you a rundown for one of the show's challenges:

A new episode will air this Sunday (February 28th) on CMT and it will feature eight new female contestants. One of which is Jessie Haug from Bettendorf. She'll take on the other competitors in Rip Off, Loaded and Dead Weight before one of them gets her shot at the Skullbuster and $10,000.


Here's Jessie's quick biography:

Jessie served in the Army National Guard, and comes from a family of veterans. Growing up in a military home turned everything she did into a competition, so much so, her father started training her at the age of nine. Track, figure competitions, bodybuilding, kickboxing, CrossFit, Jessie does it all and plans to bring all of her tools to the ranch. And somehow, when not participating in all these activities, she makes a living as a firefighter. If Jessie wins the $10,000, she plans on opening up a fitness camp that specializes in health and wellness.

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