The first show I ever binged watched (before anyone ever called it that) was The Sopranos.  I didn't have HBO.  Didn't even have basic cable.  But my buddy had the first 2 seasons on DVD!  And when Tony Soprano hit the dude with his car in front of the HMO building, I was hooked!

Another favorite was Sons of Anarchy.  My buddy Chonz (who's name sounds like he could've been SAMCRO, now that I think about it) had always had a thing for Katy Sagal ever since Married with Children. He was going on and on about this biker show and how well written it was.  People kept comparing it to The Sopranos, so I held off watching it because I didn't want to be disappointed.

I'm glad I got into it.  What a wild show!  Kurt Sutter is a great writer and just as good of an actor as Otto.  Can't wait to meet Chibs & Happy from SOA this year at Rally on the River.

What's your favorite show you've binge watch?