The rare 1958 console used by the Beatles at Abbey Road Studios is part of a collection of historic gear now for sale via Vintage King Audio.

Named REDD.37, after its design team in EMI's Record Engineering Development Department, the desk was used for the Beatles initial recordings in Abbey Road's Studio One, for orchestral overdubs throughout their career and in the making of Let It Be, their final album. This REDD.37 console is one of only three ever produced by a team led by Len Page, and has been cared for since the '90s by Lenny Kravitz – who is said to have kept it in pristine condition.

The REDD.37 is being paired with EMI's four-track Studer J37, one of only eight tape machines used at Abbey Road studios, as well as the earlier Studer C37 – a two-track stereo master recorder. No price is mentioned; interesting buyers are invited to inquire at the Vintage King website to learn more.

"Whether you’re looking to own a piece of history or trying to capture the magic of the '60s London rock scene in your studio," Vintage King says, "this REDD.37 package is the ultimate combination of function, form and style."

The valve-driven REDD.37, itself an update of an earlier model constructed by Peter Burkowitz, was eventually supplanted when the REDD.51 was installed in Abbey Road's Studio Two in January 1964.

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