Some of these guys don't get it, it seems. The Seahawk's Richard Sherman has a right to his opinion, but also a responsibility to the company he works for. The company is the NFL. His statements about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Patriots Owner having a conflict of interest and therefore not qualified to judge the Patriots "deflate gate" fairly. His boss is a team owner, and the commissioner is essentially a VP of operations. Saying anything publicly that you cannot prove against your bosses would get you fired in most professions.

Marshawn Lynch is the same way. Have an ounce of respect for your game and your fans. By showing up and not answering questions, some of which are by or from fans, he's showing a complete disregard for the system he agreed to be part of. If the owner of a restaurant tells the cook that the diners would really have a better experience by the cook going out to visit certain tables, the cook goes out to certain tables. If the cook goes out and decides to not talk to the customers, he's doing the opposite of what the owner intended, and violates the spirit of the agreement. Prima-donna behavior from an unappreciative dick. Walter Payton shakes his head in disgust