Pitchers and catchers have already reported, Paul Konerko is ready to begin his last season before he retires (And you thought only Jeter was playing out his last farewell? Shame!)  When the White Sox and Yankees play this year, there will be so much love in the stands, fans may take a moment from trying to kill each other to bask in the history…well, in NY maybe--Chicago fans, no way.

I came a cross a funny list of superstitions in baseball that goes beyond the curses of Bambino and the Goat.  My favorite comes from none other than former President Ronald Reagan, back at his days in Iowa broadcasting games.  He would never mention a no hitter when it was being thrown.  Now, if that seems like commonplace thinking, it is now.  He started it!  He just thought it was bad mojo to mention it during a broadcast, just like teammates will not talk to the pitcher about it in the dugout.  So thanks Mr. Reagan.

And let's get the covers off the fields.

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