Mitchel Craddock from Vicksburg, Michigan had a five-day bachelor party last month at a cabin in Huntsville, Tennessee.

While one of his buddies was cooking bacon, a stray dog showed up at their front door covered in fleas. They could tell it recently gave birth, but it was so malnourished that it wasn't producing milk. They started feeding it, and it kept coming back.

After a few days, they decided to follow it into the woods and found seven puppies. All of them were pretty healthy, but they were covered with dirt and fleas. The mom was the only one that was malnourished.

They bachelor party took money from their beer fund and used it to buy a bunch of dog food. When they left for Michigan, they took all of the dogs with them.


Mitchel and four of his groomsmen each took a puppy. One of their family members adopted another one. And his grandparents decided to take a puppy and the mom. He says they've all been to the vet, and they're doing great.

Everyone who adopted a puppy lives within a five-mile radius, so they'll get to see a lot of each other.

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