Mindy and Rob Seay's seven-month-old son Lincoln was born with his organs on the wrong side of his body. His heart was on his right side instead of his left.

In November, they found out he needed a heart transplant. Doctors said it could take three months to find a donor, and he might not make it that long. Early February, he went into cardiac arrest. They were able to revive him, but he was in such bad shape at that point that his skin was purple.

Luckily they got a call four days later about a donor. After 89 days on the transplant list, they did the surgery in Seattle, and Lincoln pulled through.

Due to privacy laws, Mindy and Rob don't know who the donor's parents are. Lincoln's mom posted an open letter online, thanking them for saving her son's life. She included photos that show how purple his skin was.

Yesterday broken. Today New. - Lincoln before and after his heart transplant (taken less than 24 hours apart)An open...

Posted by The Birth Photographer on Friday, February 19, 2016

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