Telling your boss he's an idiot is one way to definitely get canned. Or you can just do everything on this list for a few months, then everyone will hate you.

Playful businessman aiming paper airplane at serious co-worker

Here are some things that make you seem unprofessional at work:

  1. Showing up late or calling off sick a lot. Your boss isn't the only one who notices, everyone will after a while.
  2. Complaining about every little thing. Whether it's work-related or personal stuff.
  3. Asking too many questions. You just look incompetent, like you're the weakest link. People get sick of having to do your job for you.
  4. Being messy. Which might mean a messy desk or leaving old food in the fridge.
  5. Being arrogant. Especially if you start bossing people around.
  6. Bragging. You can do it in your annual review, but not in front of your co-workers all the time.
  7. Not dressing up for work. A lot of jobs don't require a suit and tie anymore, but you still shouldn't show up looking like a slob.
  8. Getting too personal.Things like family problems and your sex life should be off limits. At least during office hours.
  9. Being loud while people around you are working. Especially if they're on the phone.
  10. Swearing all the time. Even if your company is pretty laid back about it.

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