There's a new wooden roller coaster going in at Six Flags called "Goliath".  It's scheduled to open May 24th and will claim 3 world records for a wooden coaster: fastest, longest drop, and steepest drop. It runs on steel rails and goes inverted a few times.  Currently under construction, it's being built on the site where the old "Iron Wolf" was located.  (Remember that turd?  It was the roller coaster that you rode standing up during the entire ride... and beat the hell out of you.)

By the way, the winning begins tomorrow morning for "Dwyer & Michaels Ditch Day" on Wednesday, May 14.  One bus to the Cubs-Cardinals game in St. Louis; One bus to Great America.  Listen for the crack of the bat and the roller coaster sfx then be caller 10 to

Here's a cool "behind the scenes" video of the construction of Goliath (there's also a look at the coaster maintenance shop).

Here's what it'll be like when you ride it: