If you can dodge an arrow, you can dodge a ball. It's concepts like this are going to get a lot of people in shape without them ever realizing it.

Archery dodgeball has been growing in popularity in Canada and, thanks to Archery Games in Denver, will hopefully catch on in the U.S. From what I can tell, it's like a mixture of paintball, dodgeball, and archery.

Two teams of 10 start at opposite ends of an obstacle-filled field with empty bows in hand. When the whistle blows, players rush the field to grab foam-tipped arrows and seek shelter.

The business caters to parties of all kinds, it costs $25 per person and up to $450 for a group. Groups can play game types like: zombie apocalypse, elimination, fireball, dog eat dog, medic and engineer.

Sadly, you'll have to travel to Colorado to join the fun until it catches on in other cities. You can book your group online if you're planning a trip out that way.

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