Every year since 1977, this is the day that thousands of people gather in front of Graceland to mourn Elvis Presley's death, and most will stay until night time for a candlelight ritual.  I'm guessing that after 37 years, the crowds have gotten a bit smaller, but I can't vouch specifically for that.  And while I've never known anyone who seriously believes Elvis faked his death so he could run away and live in privacy, I think they're still out there.  Those people must be clinging to the "scandal"  that his cousin snuck a picture of Elvis in his casket, sold it to "The Enquirer" for $18k, and then later it was rumored the casket contained a wax dummy.  All the proof they need, eh?  So instead of having a day for everyone to remember Elvis fondly, today we have a day where all the rumors and stories surface again...but at least the trend has slowed to a crawl.