Montreal drama teacher, Jacqueline Laurent-Auger, has been fired from her job after a student discovered a few nude scenes she did. Now, before you get too excited, Jacqueline is 73-years-old and did these scenes 40 years ago. Still interested? Take a look.

You can't do anything scandalous these days and expect to keep it a secret. The Internet WILL find out and SHAME you.

Jacqueline Laurent-Auger used to be an actress and for the past 15 years she's been a drama teacher at a private school in Montreal. But she recently got fired after one of her students found out she did a few nude scenes back in the '70s.

She was in two movies called "Swedish Sex Games" and "The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac". According to Jacqueline, they weren't porn. They were artsy and only had tasteful nudity. School officials say the fact that students know about them has changed the entire atmosphere in the classroom and they had no choice but to let her go.