46-year-old Hiroshi Motohasi ate a $200 dinner at a sushi restaurant in Studio City, California Sunday night. When he was done eating, he pulled out his small pet snake and showed it to some random strangers in the restaurant.

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The staff told him he couldn't have the snake in there and asked him to leave. So he left and then showed up again a few minutes later with a much bigger snake. He said, "[Eff] you guys," and he dropped his 13-foot python in the middle of the restaurant.

People freaked out and called 911. Animal control officers were able to corner the snake and get it in a box. Hiroshi was arrested and charged with criminal threats for, "using the snake as a weapon."

This isn't his first legal problem because of his strange taste in animals. He was busted for selling endangered and venomous lizards in 2005 and got 15 months in prison.

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