Today on the 97X morning show there were not 1, but 2 great interviews.. Bill & Greg chatted with Eddie Money, and later on, Jack Russell.  The reason I bring it up is this... I have never heard any one person or team do a better interview than Dwyer & Michaels.  I think these guys are the absolute best, whether they're laughin' it up with rock stars like today, or "tear-ing us up" talking with a firefighter who saved a baby's life and then met her at her high school graduation. They have a supreme knack for making every guest totally comfortable and uninhibited, and they get them to open up and talk freely about anything!  It's a pleasure to listen to.  People like Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Barbara Walters get praised for their great interviewing skills... they have NOTHING on our guys!  D & M's are better than all of them, and we're lucky, because we get to listen to it every day.  So it's long overdue... but Bill and Greg, please allow me to say a heartfelt, capital-lettered "THANK YOU" for being here!!