18-year-old Stefan Sortland is a student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. On Halloween weekend, he went to a concert, but took some molly and cocaine first. And they did NOT react well with his system.

Some paramedics were on campus treating a drunk student for seizures and when they got outside, their ambulance was gone.

Turns out Stefan had stolen it and was quickly speeding toward Loveland, Colorado, where he crashed it. Police tracked the GPS in the ambulance and caught up with Stefan, who had a blanket, a phone, and a box of Wheat Thins.

They ended up tazing him when he wouldn't do what they asked, and took him to the station, while he asked questions like, "Why are the lights flashing on the cars?"

When they got to the station, he stood on a bench, kicked a wall, and then pleasured himself. He also attacked two deputies and punched one in the face.

He's facing a TON of charges, ranging from aggravated vehicle theft to drug possession to assault. So... don't do drugs, kids?

(Larimer County Sheriff's Office)

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