Many of you STYX fans have heard me say that I am not a big Dennis DeYoung fan.  I'm not.  While I acknowledge that he wrote most of the band's big hits and therefore deserves some respect, I didn't like most of those songs, opting to listen to the STYX "Rockers" instead.  He wrote "Lady" and "Mr. Roboto" and I like those two.  He wrote "Suite Madame Blue" which I love, and he wrote the song "Grand Illusion" which I like.  But he also wrote "The Best Of Times", "Babe", "Come Sail Away", and a bunch of other soft crap that I didn't like.  I have said before that he ruined the band, but maybe that's a little harsh.  I'll give him his due credit because he did a lot of work, but in general, give me James Young on vocals and give me the Styx ROCKERS no matter who wrote 'em !!

Nevertheless, Happy 69th Birthday today Dennis.  However if you're writing another "concept" album, go ahead and keep it to yourself.

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