Happy 67th birthday to Alice Cooper!   I have ALWAYS been a big fan of Alice's and still list one of his shows on my top 5 of all time, and I finally get the opportunity to tell a quick story.

Alice (Vincent) was born and grew up in Michigan, but due to the struggle of growing up with severe allergies and related illnesses, his family needed to get away from the Detroit climate.  They moved to Arizona and right around that time Vincent took up running.  He got himself stronger and healthier through running, and eventually  became a cross-country athlete in high school.  That is almost the identical scenario my Father went through.  My dad was so sick as a kid his parents moved to California.  He started running and grew stronger and eventually moved back to Michigan.  There he lived until the age of 93.  I used to show pictures of Alice Cooper to my dad and tell him about how "similar" they were, but he'd have no part of that discussion, haha.

Back to Alice,  the Godfather of Shock, Alice has had a great life story.  He shattered box office records set by the Rolling Stones, had a fling with Raquel Welch, almost died from cocaine, and almost died hanging himself on stage.  He's been as low as a 2-handicap golfer, and he's a born-again Christian.

But most importantly ... he's a helluva rock pioneer and will DEFINATELY be featured on today's Punch-Out!  On his Birthday, I salute you Alice Cooper fans!