Did you know that flying in the morning will give you a smoother flight? Here are some more airline secrets about flying.

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  1. Sometimes planes become faulty. Planes experience a surprising number of technical failures during flight including cockpit power outages, battery failures and half of the engines working.
  2. The landing may be deliberately bumpy. Pilots sometimes have to land particularly hard to prevent the plane skidding in rain.
  3. Pilots sleep during the flight. More than half of pilots flying have fallen asleep in the cockpit, which is fine as long as the co-pilot is there to take over.
  4. Flights are smoothest in the morning. Cooler temperatures and clearer skies in the morning help make flights less bumpy and windy.
  5. Pilots eat different meals. They are either given meals specifically designed for the crew or they bring their own food on board.
  6. Just about every plane will have been struck by lightning. As often as once a year each plane is struck by lightning, usually with little damage done.
  7. There's only 15 minutes worth of air in the oxygen mask. The pilot should be able to lower the plane's altitude enough during this time so that you don't need to use the oxygen mask.

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