So a couple of nights ago I was listening to 97X on my way home and "Old Time Rock & Roll" from Bob Seger came on.  Now my first instinct is to groan... which I did... then after I listened to the whole song at high-volume, I realized why I always groan... Tom Cruise ruined it !   If you're like me, you can't hear that song, and not see that stupid image of him dancing around in his underwear in "Risky Business" .. doin' that stupid dance!  But it finally hit me after all these years.  It's a great song.  A great vocal performance by Bob, great music, clever lyrics ..if it wasn't for that movie, I'd love it!  But thanks Tom, you ruined it for me!   Now on the other hand, if it was Rebecca Demornay that danced to that song in HER underwear...well, it would be a Top-5 of all time...Duh!