The "Rock or Bust" tour for Australian rockers AC/DC just busted with the news that Brian Johnson must leave the tour or risk permanent total hearing loss. But the band doesn't seem to think so. Not when the 'Money Talks.'

Kevin Winter

As of this writing, AC/DC has decided to postpone the remaining tour dates in the U.S. and will reschedule them later, with a guest vocalist. A guest vocalist? This a bad idea for a band that has always been about the music, and the fans. What guest vocalist will be able to bring the unique sound of AC/DC to the stage, and meet the expectations of fans who have paid over $100.00 per ticket--and that's for the cheap seats.

Unfortunately, AC/DC is thinking with their wallets and not their hearts here. Hang it up, guys. You're better than this. Refund the ticket price to fans, and offer them for sale after you've announced your new singer. Don't bait and switch the fans.

UPDATE:  As of March 22nd, rumors are swirling about.  Johnson has supposedly told friend and comedian Jim Brewer he was ousted from the tour, and has had no contact with the band.  While Brewer regretted quoting his conversation with Johnson on his own radio show, and later tried to diminish what Johnson told him as "not quotes directly" from the singer, the scene has been set.  And we rock and roll fans have seen this song play out too many times before.  Van Halen, Bon Jovi, and Queensryche have all had not-so-public removal of main players played out as "personal Problems" or "Health Issues" when the person removed has been caught unawares.

For Johnson's part, he says his hearing issues are NOT dire, and wouldn't have forced the rescheduling of any shows, but that his stuff was just dumped in his driveway and he was informed he was off the tour, according to Brewer, which he has since said isn't the case.  Well, look to the past to tell the future.  Van Halen is a great example here, of two brothers who start a band, and decide what members come and go.  Is the Eddie and Alex story mirroring the Angus and Malcom/George story?  Stay tuned.