There isn't much to talk about for April 20th... but I did see that this is Craig Frost's 67th birthday today.  This guy was Grand Funk's keyboardist (added to the band for more "sound") for a few years, then became Bob Seger's Keyboardist in 1979 and has played with him pretty much ever since.  He once put two exploding cigarettes in a pack of smokes to teach somebody a lesson about leaving ashes all over his piano, and they happened to be Bob Seger's smokes.  Twice in one day, Bob had explosions in his face, but still didn't fire Craig when he found out who did it.  Thank God for his sense of humor!

"Frosty" was born and grew up in Flint, Michigan.  I hear he lived about a mile away from where I lived when I had the pleasure of living in Flint.  And I heard he would make an occasional appearance on the air at the radio station I worked at in Flint.  Unfortunately, none of those visits happened when I was there.  But since I can't deny my love for Grand Funk or Bob Seger, today is a special day to me because it's a special day for Craig Frost.  I salute all Grand Funk and Seger fans today!