Yesterday, December 7th was for U.S. History, the "date that will live in infamy" ... notable and somber.  May I just say "Thank You" to all of our military heroes.

So here we are one date later, December 8th, and this date is filled with plenty to note.  James Douglas Morrison was born on this date in 1943.  Chased by too many internal demons to stay alive, he's no longer here.  Also born on this date in 1947 was Gregg LeNoir Allman.  Drugs and alcohol almost took him away several times, but didn't.  I can tell you first hand that he could be bombed or stoned 30 minutes before a show, but once he sat down on stage at the keyboards, he would go through an amazing transformation and deliver a great performance.  And last but not least, John Winston "Ono" Lennon on this date was shot in the back 4 times by a confused and cowardly Mark David Chapman.  His ashes are scattered all around Central Park in New York.

It would be hard to find another calendar date so rich with rock history ... even more certain, it would be harder to find 2 such significant dates in a row.