There's a neighborhood in Melbourne, Florida where the homeowners association is strongly considering canceling Halloween because the area is overrun by wild hogs addicted to candy. The hogs have gotten hooked on human food and have been terrorizing the neighborhood for weeks.

They've destroyed 17 lawns, they've been pooping on the sidewalks, and they don't show any sign of leaving.

The neighborhood is having trouble getting rid of them because they're all massive, some weigh up to 350 pounds. Plus, they're not really falling for traditional hog traps. The big plan to get rid of them before Halloween is to release a pack of dogs into the neighborhood to hunt them, although that sounds kind of shortsighted, because won't the neighborhood just wind up with a new angry dog problem?

If the hogs aren't gone, trick-or-treating will be called off because all that candy flowing around could lead to them attacking kids.