Today is Leslie Weinstein's birthday ... you know his as Leslie West of the band Mountain.   He was born in New York in 1945 making him 70 today.  Most people only know "Mississippi Queen" but Leslie has done 17 solo albums (several with jack Bruce of Cream on bass) in addition to his work with Mountain and the group West, Bruce & Lang.

Legend has it that the band Mountain was so-named because of Leslie West's Huge stature.  He is a large man, sporting the fattest fingers in rock and roll, which is why he preferred to play headless guitars in live performances.  But just how tall is this "mountain" of a man?  5 foot 9 and 1/2 inches tall.  Yeah, that's it.   Maybe in some circles .....

Nonetheless, on this day Leslie West fans, I salute you !

(Perry Correll, ThinkStock)