A hatchet bounced out of the back of a truck near Boston yesterday and went straight through someone's windshield blade first.

Think your commute this morning sucks? This seems like something from one of those "Final Destination" movies.

Someone was driving down the interstate behind a landscaping truck near Topsfield, Massachusetts yesterday. (About 25 miles north of Boston.)

When suddenly a hatchet that was in the back of the truck bounced out and went straight through their windshield blade first.

Luckily the handle got stuck in the glass, so it didn't go the whole way through, and no one was hurt. But there's a photo of it still stuck in the windshield. And a woman is still sitting in the passenger's seat, where it would have hit.


You don't see her face in the photo, and she asked not to be identified. But police said she was pretty shaken up.

They ended up citing the landscaper for "failure to secure cargo," and fined him $200.