A guy in the Netherlands turned his amputated leg into a lamp and tried to sell it on eBay for $80,000, to pay his medical bills. But, eBay bans the sale of body parts, so now he's looking for a private buyer.

53-year-old Leo Bonten of the Netherlands had to have his leg amputated in June because of a bad infection after breaking his leg in a kiddie pool two years ago.


Before the operation, he decided to turn his severed leg into a lamp. First he had a doctor preserve it. Then he had a lighting designer turn it into a lamp by fixing it in formaldehyde inside a large cylindrical container.


And then he tried to sell it. He needed to pay his medical debts and wanted to help other amputees. So he put it on eBay for $80,000, but they ban the sale of body parts and pulled his listing. Now he's trying to figure out a way to sell it privately.

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