The Minnesota Vikings lost to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday after kicker Blair Walsh botched a routine 27-yard field goal. So a first grade teacher in Blaine, Minnesota decided to teach her class about empathy by having her students write encouraging letters to Blair.

They were great. One kid wrote, "Dear Blair Walsh, you are the best player in the world. Everyone makes mistakes. [I've] missed a basket before." Another wrote, "You are handsome. Don't worry. It's just a game." A girl said, "I want to tell Blair Walsh that he can keep trying even though he feels sad that he missed the winning kick. And that it's nothing really to cry about."

Another kid took a slightly different approach, "For Blair Walsh. Keep on trying. Puppys are cute." And it included a drawing of two puppies. Blair has received the letters, and he's actually visiting the students today to express his gratitude, and take photos with them. For what it's worth, the teacher is actually a Seahawks fan.

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