A destination wedding means the guests have to fork over a ton of money just to be there, which can be annoying. Or you could do this.

38-year-old Keith Stewart and 44-year-old Dottie Coven live near Louisville, Kentucky, and they both have to travel constantly for work. She's in sales, and he's in IT. Recently, they decided they wanted to get married on a plane too.

Keith wrote a letter to Southwest asking if they could do it, and they said yes. But Dottie and Keith wanted their friends and family to be there too. So they traded in more than a million frequent flyer miles they'd racked up, and bought tickets for 30 guests.

The wedding happened this past Sunday at 32,000 feet during a flight from Nashville to Dallas. In addition to their friends and family, there were over 100 complete strangers on the plane.

A flower girl passed out peanuts, Dottie danced down the aisle to the front of the cabin in her wedding dress, and Keith and Dottie read their vows over the intercom.

Since it'll take a while for Keith and Dottie to build up their frequent flyer miles again, Southwest offered to fly them to their honeymoon in Puerto Rico for free.