OK, so there's now officially 99 days until the opening day of the 2014 NFL season, and I figure it's time to weigh-in about my team.  I have been asked by almost everybody who knows me..."Johnny Football ... really?"  Yeah, I have many different feelings about this year's draft, but here's the top three:   1.  You're top 2 current wide receivers are in doubt for the season (suspension and injury) so why didn't you keep the #4 pick and take Sammy Watkins?  Or ANY receiver on day one?  I know...they have answers.      2.  You have used high-round picks to draft 5 or 6 DB's in the last few years and yet only one of them is still with the team ... why go down that road again?  I know...they have answers.  3.  I'm worried about the maturity, the durability, and the malleability of Johnny Football because the Browns are not yet "good" and it's gonna take patience.  The first time JM pops-off at his offensive line or his receivers out of frustration, they're gonna chew him up!  But I know...they have answers.   So after all this, are there reasons to be optimistic...?  Sure there are, and I'm trying again to give them the benefit of the doubt...every week, every month, every year.  But fellow Browns fans, you'll pardon me if I decline to watch opening Sunday...I've seen enough losses to the Steelers to last me another decade or two, and I'm sure I've got something else to do.